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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation contains many onsite and offsite aspects that can help your organic search engine rankings for targeted keywords, terms and phrases that your website relates to. With the undeniable focus that digital marketing now demands, having a visible presence for potential visitors is an increasingly vital aspect of almost any business plan.

Our Nottingham based team offers a wide range of services, each individually tailored to your company and website. This services help your business grow its organic strategy. From initial auditing to managing campaigns, our team members have proven the importance of SEO for many local and national companies with measurable, data-driven performance and improvements.

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Monthly SEO management is not always required by larger companies who manage their campaigns in house. This is why we offer a Consultancy service to help build your campaign, report on current areas for improvement or help with a recovery strategy.

This is a service we've provided for a number of businesses that have been able to take our findings and advice on board to help them excel.

National Strategies

This strategy is perfect for companies that offer services to a nationwide demographic covering multiple areas, along with eCommerce based online retailers who sell products nationally, or even internationally.

A national strategy allows you to bring in a much higher volume of traffic from all relevant regions that you can sell your product and service to. TWDG has a proven track record of crafting campaigns that help to achieve this, increasing organic traffic using a variety of best practices, effective targeting and outreach strategies.

Local SEO

A local SEO strategy suits services sector based websites that want to increase their organic rankings, exposure and relevant traffic in specific towns and cities. This idea is to promote a website within a certain area, directly targeting interested parties nearby.

This strategy is great for businesses that offer their services in a given location, for instance an Mot Centre in Nottingham.

Google Penalty Recovery

Due to many companies and SEOs employing dangerous 'black hat' tactic in the past, along with the constantly evolving landscape of SEO, some website owners have found themselves issued with penalties form Google. There are various Google penalties, such as Panda and Penguin penalties.

Depending on the nature of the specific penalty in question, an array of tactics will be deployed to clean up the offending issues, such as cleaning your link profile, disavowing toxic links and producing quality and unique content for your web pages.

Penalty Recovery

Offsite Strategy

As one of the many off-site SEO elements, link acquisition can aid your site's organic rankings. Creating high authoritative links back to your site from others is one of the most important factors when it comes ranking positions in search engine results.

We have a variety of processes to undertake link building and acquisition campaigns for clients, along with increasing social exposure and mentions.

Onsite Optimisation

Efficiently optimised websites and pages undoubtedly perform much better in terms of rankings, traffic and in turn, clicks and conversions. TWDG uses a complete suite of top of the range tools to collate, analyse and enhance onsite elements.

Site optimisation techniques involve ensuring search engines, searchers and visitors know exactly what your site is about and how to use it.

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Get in touch with us today to discuss your project, call or email:
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Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves many aspects that are sometimes a little too complicated or can be easily ruined if the person implementing them isn't sure what they are doing. Our experienced team can handle all technical elements.

We can assess the quality of your technical SEO, offering search engine friendly improvements and enhancements where applicable.

Content Creation and Marketing

TWDG has an inhouse team of copywriters able to produce compelling, unique copy to be used on your web pages, blog posts or as part of a link building campaign. Content comes in a variety of forms and our writers and creation team can turn their hand to any sector and content type.

We work closely with you to ensure that all copy produced is of a desirable quality and conveys your company's message and tone of voice to retain consistency of your brand.

Research and Development

TWDG utilises industry leading research methods and tools to ensure as many eyes are on your brand and your website as possible. This initially begins with researching topical and relevant keywords, competition and opportunities to give you more exposure online.

With research in place, additional work is carried out to analyse findings and exploit identified opportunities to help grow your business.


Our measurable search engine optimisation strategies are driven by analytical data. Every campaign we run can be tracked with our reporting features, showing you exactly how your website has come along with us.

We report on a number of factors, including ranking positions, organic traffic and overall website performance on a regular basis. We are also happy to report on any requested data you might want or need for any given reason.

Penalty Recovery

Comprehensive Audits

During the opening stages of your SEO campaign, we run a number of audits that form most of the foundation of your project. Our great toolset allows us to identify and rectify potential problematic onsite and offsite issues, such as technical, backlink and content questions.

Our staff can then take the appropriate measures to make changes that will have a positive impact on your organic strategy, ultimately aiding your website for search engine and user enhancements.

Why Choose Us?

As an agency we hold a number of key accreditations. We are a Google Partner, Bing Partner and PayPal Partner amongst others, showcasing our quality and dedication to providing the very best service possible across all aspects of digital marketing.

Of course, this includes our SEO services, which are bespoke and crafted with the exact demands and requirements of your company and site at the forefront of everything we do.

Being based in Nottingham allows us the ideal location to provide campaigns for both local and national businesses looking to improve their online presence.

To take advantage of our experience, skillsets and services, get in touch with us today.

Phil Pallister - Managing Director at 0800 Repair Gas

Client Testimonial: 0800 Repair Gas Services

I came across TWDG Ltd. when I set up my business five years ago from which point they have aided us with a variety of organic and paid marketing strategies with excellent success.

I have recently instructed them to build another website for me where again from the planning through to delivery organic & paid campaigns.

Phil Pallister
Managing Director

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