Setting up Dynamic Countdown Timers in AdWords Adverts

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February 2, 2015 3:32 pm | Published by Curt

Google have introduced a new countdown feature within AdWords, which is much faster and easier than creating a script, previously the only way to achieve this functionality. This new feature is located directly within the ad creation section and is extremely easy to set up. Simply create a new Text ad like so:

Create an AdWords Text Ad with Countdown Timer

From here you will be able to create your advert with the new countdown timer. This timer will display days, hours and even minutes and is a great way to promote an offer you are running, create some urgency and increase your Click Through Rate (CTR). To set up a countdown timer, you simply need to type a curly brace followed by the equals sign like so:


This will bring up the countdown options for you to define as you wish.

Configuring an AdWords Text Ads Countdown Timer Options
  • Countdown ends: Set the end date of your sale or event.
  • Countdown starts: Set how many days you wish the timer to start before your event, by default the countdown will start 5 days before your end date.

We enabled this countdown feature for the established furniture company HomeLife Direct to run alongside their January sale, which can be seen below:

AdWords Countdown Timer in Google Search Results

We split tested this feature against previous adverts in multiple ad groups and found the ads that contained a countdown timer increased CTR on average by 20.27%.

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